Our Story

Everybody who loves food has a moment when they wish they owned a restaurant or a bar. It’s even worse when there’s a group of friends who start thinking along these lines, especially if copious amounts of alcohol is involved. This business is a story of friendship, love for good food and a journey filled with adventure.

In the year 2007, a group of professionals (Aman, Sushil and Alok) with similar dreams chanced upon an opportunity to rescue a restaurant in Wan Chai facing closure. They succumbed to their impulse and ended up with the first Indian vegetarian restaurant and bar in Hong Kong- Khana Khazana. The fairy tale should have finished at this point but considering that these professionals were totally non-professionals in the restaurant trade, there were many days of horror. It was their friendship and love for food that persisted over all odds. There was no compromise on quality, and serving the customer well was the top-most priority. And slowly the ship turned. Khana Khazana received an overwhelming response and proved to be a motivation to launch more restaurants with different themes and positioning.

Today, Fusion Concepts Ltd. owns and runs an extensive range of food and beverage outlets -Khana Khazana, Ista, Spice8 and Legends of India, as well as a catering company called Fusion Caterers. These contemporary restaurants and bars combine high quality facilities in a caring ambience, thus presenting an ideal choice for all walks of discerning customers.

Whether you are looking for appetizing Thai cuisine, Indian Vegetarian/Vegan/Jain dish, or Mediterranean cuisine, you can count on our personalized service.

Our restaurants – Khana Khazana, Legends of India, Spice8 and Ista, with its elegant dining area and extensive menu, are the perfect venues for corporate events, social events, private parties for reunions and just about every big or small occasion.

It’s time you indulged in our flavourful healthy food!