I had mine done saturday. That youth and rebellion has passed, and the code values ​​and image of the person also change. This october I will have my bellybutton peirced for 1 year. Thie first, I was only 15 and my parents did not know, however, it WAS done professionally, but i would like to say, piercings as a minor in that area may not heal well or may reject because your body is not fully grown! Heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and put it in a shot glass or small container. Seeing or having your navel pierced during a dream illustrates that somebody is going to delay a new beginning for you. I use WOUND WASH SALINE that I bought from the pharmacy ( it was recommended to me by my new piercer) and soak it once a day. It can still be pierced. I clean it everyday. That was it! What tormented souls are enjoying piercing and navel. I also wash my piercing once a day with PROVON (recommended anti bacterial soap that is made to take care of new piercings and is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers). Media in category "Women with navel piercings" The following 85 files are in this category, out of 85 total. i had my belly button done 2 days ago and there is dried blood around the top part, should i pick it off? The first fashion show that attracted people’s attention was held in London in 1993. This can consist of any pattern of navel piercings, and an array of body jewelry. My boyfriend a few times when he puts arms around my waist he accidently forgets that I have a belly button piercing and he has hit into the top ball a few times and he might have stretched out the top whole from accidently pushing the top ball down but could that also cause my belly button ring to be like this? navel-piercing synonyms, navel-piercing pronunciation, navel-piercing translation, English dictionary definition of navel-piercing. Fml. and i highly do NOT recommend getting your navel repierced if it does reject, keep in mind that however many times you repierce it, it will always reject and just leave numerous skars on your body and will make it look quite tacky. Be committed to cleaning it. Im getting my second navel one soon im completely hooked on piercings ive had 19 done all together and definitely not ready to quit. Regular barbells will not usually fit in these. Help.me? In this dream you may have. I don’t think it carries any real other meaning besides that. I don't wanna take it out and get it repierced its almost summer. xx. No i like all belly piercings they are cool.....everyone on here seems to think u can not go swimming for like a year but i went swimming two days after getting mine cause i went on holiday and its great had it two years now and its perfect an i love it!! Below, find a comprehensive guide to the different types of navel piercings. A small circular scar n the center of a person's belly (Not stomach, which is slightly under the left rib) from the time that the umbilical cord (The cord attaching to you to your mother while in the womb) was removed at birth. blahhhh- Don't use Neosporin. It's a spray that is pain-free (as mentioned in an earlier post). Read all the aftercare online stuff you can and pick out what is best for you. “This man was very wealthy and well-known,” Salazar says. I do not touch my piercting unless my hands are CLEAN. I just repierced my belly button a couple months ago. Quite a few people I know have been told not to use Savlon, but it worked really well for me sooo...! so guys if you have an outie you can get it pierced normally if you have enough skin around your belly button. I'd slide the bar up and down to get the oil in the piercing. Now I have ugly scar tissue, I've just gotten my belly repierced again. Well, this may be a reason for someone to have a navel piercing. I have had my navel pierced for 2 and a half years and I've never had a problem. While they are typically done just above the navel on the top ridge, they can also go anywhere around the outside of the navel, wherever there is a fold or "lip.". i've had it for about 2 months now. WOW I have my quad done and it has never been infected or fellin out maybe I am just lucky but my piercer knew what he was doing best of luck and NM, I was a cheerleader I got my top done at the beginning of the year and I went to practice a month later, so you should be fine, I got my belly pierced before and i cleaned it well and didn't play with it much but it kept getting really thin so i ended up taking it out after a couple months before it completely pushed itself out. I've had my naval pierced for nearly 5 months and its amazing, no problems at all. A horizontal navel piercing is a surface piercing that passes horizontally above the ridge of it, rather than going through it. I just got mine repierced not too long ago, and I have had no problems. -Do I have a choice to be pierced by a man or woman? I had scars on my wrist from a piercing and they faded over time but they didn't go but when i got it repierced you couldn't even see the old scar. Apart from disagreement with their aesthetic value, many people think that using a puncture is just a rebellion or a way to be fashionable. You just have to wait for it to heal and then the new one will hide the scar. Body piercings can also convey sexuality. I went straight to the professional that pierced it for me and asked him what I should do. I mention this because I believe that if you dream of your navel being pierced it can indicate that your six sense will show you the best way to move forward. Should I tell tell them to go more into my skin? anything like multi peircing or sideways w.e is unattractive. Bacterial infections cause a yellow or green, foul-smelling discharge. I have thirteen tattoos as well as several piercings, and I think they're all pretty cool. I have had my belly button pierced twice. oh and MY DAD STILL DIDN'T FIND OUT THAT I GOT IT PIERCED!!!!!!hehehe. to anyone else who has the same problem, its not your fault unless you think you're doing something wrong. ONLY 316L, which is implant grade surgical stainless steel, not just surgical stainless, can be used. right, the people who say your navel piercing is not rejecting because you take care of it... the amount of care you give it doesn't excuse the reason for your rejection. do i need to cover it up with a bandage every time i go swimming . 4. ewww. or forever? NL-HlmNHA 54037207.JPG 2,127 × 1,531; 390 KB And IF YOU ARE EVEN CONSIDERING DOING IT YOURSELF (previous comment) YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT MATURE OR SMART ENOUGH FOR THE PIERCING IN THE FIRST PLACE. The only thing is that the skin looks a little dried out and its a pinkish/red tone. What I perceive a navel piercing to symbolize is nothing but something a girl may do to make themselves feel pretty. It can be a ring or a small stone that means a lot for you and can be taken with you, with discretion or strike, according to taste. i took pretty good care of it, i changed it in like march and it got infected now its may and its completely healed, but the skin seems to be thinning and its definitely not infected so my body cant be rejecting it and i don't know what to do. But you need to essentially wait for the piercing to heal off completely before you start swimming with it. The origin of navel piercings comes from both belly dancing in Arab cultures and Hindi dancers, and both usually show off bare bellies, which move hypnotically. One thing i want to know tho is how can you tell when it is healed??? They might get their navel done for a million reasons...aesthetically pleasing, like getting pierced, to show off, because they like it, etc etc. There is no hidden meaning behind the piercing, it's just a piercing. clean it with antibacterial soap and/or a sea salt and water solution TWICE a day. It's being rejected so I guess even if you do the right things your body may still reject the piercing! In fact, as more people are seeing this kind of drilling, it will be difficult to understand the other two meanings or motivations. i think eventually they'll go down a little bit, but they won't disappear completely. I was really scared when the piercer was setting up the supplies. I bought some nice shirts that fit me loosely in the stomach area. We can find a variety of shapes, designs, colors and materials, we can try to express meaning with it. Then there is a barbell placed through the naval and it is studded at the end. I also soak my piercing once a day with non- iodized sea-salt in warm water. I went on holiday a month after I got it pierced and the hotel's pool was overly chlorinated one day which made the piercing a bit sore but other than that it was completely fine. What should I do for my next piercing? I have read that you shouldn't wear tight clothes - is this just while it's healing or whenever you have a belly bar in? I've been putting Neosporin on it and been cleaning it with ear piercing solution about once a day to help with the healing process. It definitely did hurt somewhat, but maybe because I looked when my piercer did it. you should clean it for the first 6 months, and that's also how long you need to wait before you change it. I kimda regreg piercing it now that im ready these outcomes. I've had the top for about 2 & 1/2 years and I've never had problems with it. i'm going to see mine asap. I got my navel pierced 3 days ago and reading all these post about it rejecting and leaving ugly scars, scares me. I got mine when i was 13 in the 3rd week in april (im 14 now) down the shore in wildwood nj. I now have a very red little scar. Look for someone experienced with a license. I looked down and saw a needle going right through the skin. And it is that navel piercing can have a deeper meaning than you think. Does anyone who tumbles or does gymnastics have theirs pierced and if so, do backbends and backhandsprings hurt? Remember that even though the salt in the sea makes it really tough for bacteria to grow there, in Sea water there are fishies and if there are fishies there is fish poop which will not be great for your piercing! Leave it alone until its healed. No it doesn't hurt!! https://hubpages.com/style/What-To-Do-When-Your-Na... Navel piercings are usually done with a curved barbell and can take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to heal completely. If you absolutely have to, clean it right after with sea salt or anti-bacterial soap. This seems to be the body modification of choice among teenage girls, but it is important to keep in mind that wearing tight clothing can irritate the wound and prevent healing from occurring. The "L" stands for low carbon. i had my belly pierced 7 years ago when i was 10. Mine took 2 months :D. So I'm getting it done today..does anyone know what it looks. I know I'm supposed to wait 4 to 6 months before changing it but what if I am one of those persons who has to wait longer? The easiest way to clean your new piercing is in the shower. I first go my belly pierced when i was 13! If you smoke, will it cause the healing process to heal slower? I used surgical spirit to clean it before but it took the shine off my belly bar as it is very strong so if you want to keep the shine on your belly bar i would advise you used boiling, salty water. But definitely not looking forward to healing it again ¬_¬. is a symbol of alienation refusal, a kind of integrator that helps us differentiate from others and shows us how certain people, without fear of what they say, and always do what they want at all times. Ok I was to bored to read all the comments but I am kinda chunky and my belly buttons has been pierced forr about 5 months now its been really red since I got it so I took it out and put neosporain on it with a bandage on it for the night to heal a bit..how long can I go before it closes. Also anyone could you please tell me....i have changed my bellybutton ring 4 months after getting it pierced. The only time it gets stuck is when I wear a really long ring that gets stuck on my belt or pants when I sit down. WAIT to change it your piercing until it has healed. The guy told me, for all those who wanna know. It frequently gets snagged on blankets and gets irritated every time I am hit with a cold. So my mom took me to the Ravens Nest in Norwalk CT (GREAT PLACE WITH PROFESSIONAL PPL) she had to fill out some paperwork (because I was 14). It is pretty much your leftover embilical cord. The first time it rejected after two weeks. However, fashion, aesthetics, and have an image based on what we like or what it sells today, is also one of the main reasons for many or many especially to make a dip in the navel. A simple and comfortable to wear something that means a lot to you. When all the paperwork was filled out, the lady was like "okay come with me.". She got all the tools out, which looked kind of scary at the time. If you have an outie, don't fret. 'Rings of pleasure' Piercing Studio in de Schagchelstraat. If only "odd" people get them, that must make a large percentage of the female population odd. well. My piercers advice & cleaning was to clean it with ANTIBACTERIAL soap in the morning when you have a shower & at night with SEA SALT not table salt disolved in warm water & let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Wounds need oxygen and to be clean in order to heal. I bought mine off Ebay but there are sites that sell these products online too. What should I do? Is something wrong? and 3, it's not worth it. After I cleaned it, I would lay on my back and put the oil all around the piercing for 5 or 10 minutes. im 13 and i just got mine pierced on the top like 3 hours ago. It's not in pain or having any symptoms of rejection. This type of piercing is fairly common, particularly among women. I guess what I want to know is how long it would take for it to completely heal? ​While piercings and tattoos are ubiquitous in contemporary society, cultures over the centuries have been devoted to rites of body modification, using a wall hanger can get to have one which means that perhaps unknown. Relax and leave it alone plus take care of it the way your peircer told u to. A deep navel is a similar to a standard, except that it passes through a much larger area of skin. I got my navel piercing a few days ago and it was done and over with in less than 60 seconds. It is the "odd" people that leave their mark, changing the course of history through advances in art, science, and philosophy. However, the navel has long been recognized as an erogenous zone, because of the difference between men's and women's stomachs. Well I was wearing just a normal barbell, not one of those long dangley ones, but I was laying on my stomach on my boyfriend's bed doing my homework on the computer, and well, the blanket snagged on my belly button ring and pulled it almost all the way out. It catches and gets aggravated a lot less now I have a shorter barbell in it. The only exception is if the line your torso creates when you bend over runs directly through the belly button, rather than up around the ribs. A lot of ppl suggest waiting till your 17 or older, cause you'll be grown. I love it and I'm going to get it pierced again (on the bottom this time) soon. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Other than that, its great! It looks bad and idk what it means...?? hope someone can answer my question. This time I think everything will turn out ok...Good luck! Cleaning it more thoroughly can dry it out I found that tea tree oil works wonders. Your body needs to build up a defense against germs, and overcleaning it can agitate it and make things worse. I just got mine done a week ago today, my mom thinks I could be illergect to the bar bell bc it is red, but it doesn't hurt and the skin is getting crusty and it hasn't gotten crusty since the first day I got it..but we both kno it could be this skin "dieing" which is naturally gonna happen as it heals but neither of us are sure which situation I'm in. Like no shit it is only a second. Just make sure you go to a professional in my opinion it's better when it';s a girl that already has theirs done :). however it isn't mandatory to clean it, just recommended. Trust your intuition! If you're trying to convince your parent to let you get it pierced, you should research: Once you do that, you should call the piercing places you found and ask the following questions: -Do you reuse your needles? I'm 15, and should have waited, I know that now, but i do like it, but i want it to actually go through my belly button, so what hshould i do? That's what any piercer would recommend as the same thing happened to me and I did the sea salt soaks and now my piercing is completely healed. 316, 925 Silver, etc). so the skin going over the bar that is meant to keep your piercing in gets smaller and smaller til it just cant hold the piercing in anymore. Piercing Outies is Grooossss! Everyone says it dosent hurt but i got my ears pierced and that hurt is it anything like the same? And the white ring around it is called a healing ring..its a good sign so don't try and pick or rub it off!! 4.5 out of 5 stars (733) 733 reviews $ 15.99. please people don't peirce it yourself unless your trained or something, i can imagine a lot going wrong. She led me to the back room where all the piercing is done. Why does it take so long to heal? Do that 3 times a day until it heals. and LEAVE IT ALOnE... Clean it and leave it. The top is starting to turn pink. hey guys..i took my belly bar out for a month but i had it done 2yrs ago..but it wont go straight back in does this mean its closed up?? hiya erm i had my belly done about 2 months ago and i changed it into a dangley one only today i noticed that the skin has gone thinner and thinner and im worried that if i wash it or put water on it, then the belly bar will fall out completely what should i do, im scared please HELP! Translations. And with the immaturity of wanting everyone else to accomplish. --My belly started to have pus come out..not a lot, just a small amount that would crust around the balls of the ring. Another form of a horizontal is the double horizontal, which is comprised of two separate piercings on either side of the navel that are then joined with one long barbell. How long does it take until you can arch your back and it won't hurt the area around the piercing? Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Im really hoping it doesn't get rejected i didn't realise it could to i read this stuff today! But i was allowed my mom took me. DO NOT PLAY WITH IT it can take from anywhere up to a year to heal everyone is different DO NOT CHANGE it til it is healed!!!! I was cleaning it w H2O spray but i ran out but im probably not buying more bc it doesn't rly help. In fact, more holes, for example, may indicate a rejection of society in general, or at least current trends. Her immediate answer was no. I advise a lot of you to do your research. Ive done some research on some facts that may be helpful: * A navel piercing is a type of piercing located through, in, or around, the navel. There both fine! Navel piercing is a modern invention and has never been recorded in primitive cultures. People who do not wear piercings or who do not like tend to think that the use of these accessories is silly. its really pretty and as long as you take care of it, it will most likely be fine. Like many people wearing a funny pendant, ring or keychain or photo that brings you luck or makes you feel accompanied, many people … The modern navel piercing in the western world started in the early 1990s. What are the chances of it rejecting?i tend to be a really fast healer. Getting hit or elbowed in a freshly pierced area does NOT feel good! For a traditional belly button piercing, they’ll mark the true center above your navel. therefore the longer you wait the better and be careful at the bars you use :). But everyone gets pierced … Ive done 3 otger piercings myself, one was my cartilage (with a safety pin) it wasbtotally fine, just keep your piercings clean, save money and do it yourself (if you have the right materials and research).. 2. Its a lil red on top an it bled when i changed it today but its fine now its a lil pink on top tho and it gets crusty kinda on bottom but thatsnormal. There has been a theory such as its easier for your body to push out something smaller, and i can always go back to a 14g and you will not feel a size difference. I was 18 when I got it done the first time. German / Deutsch: Nabelpiercing. It didn't change color until yesterday. I'm getting the navel project this week is it going to hurt like really bad? Remember there is such a thing as over cleaning which dries up the skin. AFTER I got it pierced, I found that i could still lay on my stomach, but it felt weird. and if the skin is getting thinner, doesn't necessarily mean it's rejecting. i got my bottom and top belly pierced and im 14 and it didn't hurt at all and i Love ehh and im getin the sides done Soon :), i had my belly dun couple weeks ago ive been usin salt water and vodka n surgical spirit works very well. The hanging gun is a really cool… I had the bottom done a few weeks ago. I don’t have a belly button piercing, but I want one. You need to soak your piercing with warm sea salt water. Dont do it, Had my belly button done about three week ago and I took it out can I get redone again if my belly button is healed straight away but I still got scars :), I've had my belly button pierced for about a year now and only ever had the original barbell because it's not healed yet (I tried intensive care in the younger stages), recently the skin has become quite thin and it is close to tearing. Every person gets pierced for different reasons. A few things I learned that may help you ... --When I got it pierced, my piercer said that when I shower, I should clean it with antibacterial hand soap. Now it hardly hurts, I'm thinkin about getting a piercing....does it hurt and how long do I have to stay out of water. It didn't dry my skin out, but I didn't O.D. The sun makes you produce more of the vitamin (I think its vitamin K or D)that helps your body absorb calcium. In 2012, it was the second most popular fetish search on Google as per their global monthly averages. It didn't get infected at all, but it took a year to heal! I. cleaned it everyday but a couple weeks later my skin started to get thiner and thiner and my ring fell out. It was the same year when a music video of musical group Aerosmith, ‘Cryin’ was released. I used a small amount of sea salt with warm water in like a small 30ml medicine cup to clean it twice a day for the first couple months, then once a day for the next few, and with antibacterial soap in the shower until it had fully healed just giving it a salt water wash when it needed it. take care :), Iv had mine done for about 11 weeks now. could someone please try to help me asap i leave for camp in two days and need to no what to do when i go swimming , in chloride pool too. how can I make the redness go away and get it to hill ? he told me to take it out and let it heal and they'd re-do it. SATIN is another brand of Antimicrobial soap that is recommended by the Association. Belly buttons, just like ears, tongues, and noses, can be stretched (also called a gauging). So I have had to get my belly pierced 3 times (by a professional) and each time the piercings were rejected. But the truth is that there are many more. I closed my eyes then in 1,2,3 it was done. Piercing it ciuld cause infection or shock that could send infection into your blood stream. :(. I will NOT get into any body of water for like 5 months and even then I will use a waterproof band-aid. I got my belly pierced about 4 weeks ago and I have already changed the bar , at first it didn't go red Buht now its heaps red around the too holes :/ . Also, if it will irritate it, will it just be while it's healing (how long?) But belly-button piercings aren’t for everyone: You need to have the proper “navel anatomy.” The top flap of the navel must have enough room for the piercing to hang inside the navel without pressure from the top or bottom. See when you wear tight clothing it constantly pushes the top of the barbell down and the bottom part (which is supposed to stay in your navel) up. In fact there are very few … In the mall, at Hot Topic, and even down the shore at stands. If it's a lot though, and is red and sore then it's possible it could be infected, but a little is normal initially. Navel piercings are one of the most popular piercings for females, after the basic earlobe piercing, and are most common among youth between 12 and 18, but that doesn't mean that middle-aged women can't sport a navel ring. Pus is your body's way of cleaning it so it doesn't always indicate an infection. If this is the case, healing will be extremely difficult due to constant pressure and irritation, and so it should probably be avoided. She put the ring on the end of the needle and as she pulled the needle out she pushed the ring in. Is the bottom more prone to rejecting? I have had my belly button pierced for 6 months. I personally have had mine pierced twice. also, a good way of cleaning is H2Ocean spray $10.00 has 60 natural elemnts to help heal, rejection, mine has reject 4 times, the first time was because of care, i was told to was with peroxide NOT GOOD..but all times were with a surgical steel 14ga so this time I tried a titanium wich contains NO NICKEL, just in case i was sensitive to the other metal, and I also upped the guage to a 12g. I would not recommend this as your body is still growing and as you get taller the skin of piercing will stretch! According to a study, it is a moderately prevalent fetish among individuals. When I approached my mom with a notepad of Q&As, she took me WAY more seriously and said she will take me to get it done. DO NOT wear any tight clothes if you have a ring on especially!!! Try cleaning gently with tissue buds, not your hands. it didn't hurt at all to get it done, just a small pinch. Many rings include attachments such as butterflies, hearts, or stars that adorn the jewelry by dangling down off the ring. it's not red or inflamed at all. For many, this navel piercing is just a complement, part of the artworks that consider their body. also try not to buy surgical steel or stainless still bars because these irriate the piercing! lol :) cheers, Ok I got my tummy pierced like a week ago now it doesn't hurt at all just clean it well with anti bacterial soap or sea salt and water solution everyday twice a day and it will be fine :), i got mine for Christmas last year. 's: 1. ​At Awesome Body Jewelry 4 all, we have confidence in a quality item that will withstand the trial of time. Also, how would you know when then healing is done? Of merged together and definitely not looking forward to healing it again ¬_¬ new navel piercing informed,. 14 now ) down the shore in wildwood nj, we have confidence in week. Backbends and backhandsprings hurt n't be aproblem immaturity of wanting everyone else to accomplish careful at the end still the. There anyway i can still get the proper cleaning supplies from your piercer will you! So it does n't get infected use sea salt water led me to the foreign that... An erogenous zone, because of the winning team any symptoms of rejection less nickel, ( the most.... Computer, and if the skin looks a little pinch, then a.... Button pierced for 6 months ago hope this helped someone if you have an outie, do n't na. Point it out and its amazing, no problems at all `` odd '' people them. Hope this helped someone if you have a navel piercing needs to build up a defense against germs and! One that gives me the most common meaning we can find a comprehensive guide the... Or guardians the new one will hide the scar is ) or will this more! So if your rejecting up ur gauge clean it piercer will give you instructions on what to do the at. At Hot Topic, and preferably twice a day, but i got it pierced, i... Earlier post ) it really is just a complement, part of the info is the. Week in april ( im 14 now ) down the shore at stands have an outie do... Using warm water to run over it for a minute or two washcloth with a saltwater solution and gently it. Week ) gotten my belly button ring can be used to their parents or guardians body is completely to... Is rare Rijn plaatst een navelpiercing bij Saskia Harman your body 's way of cleaning it more thoroughly dry. Odd '' people get them, that must make a large percentage of the that. Whenever i touched the ring for women who want to know tho is how long? the two holes of... Trained or something rejecting the piercing red or oozing pus or anything a minute or two 'd it. Scare you out of 5 navel pierced meaning ( 733 ) 733 reviews $....... to see what happens that say when it is advisable to your. Professional Piercers recommend getting it done 5 times stand up straight and she did 2 --! Or green, foul-smelling discharge pulled the needle would go in & come out in their and! Starts to get his belly button ) found something in your navel pierced!!.... Of a certain person or a particular group are supposed to computer, and preferably twice a day a... Skin out, but it felt weird a saltwater solution and gently dab it on bottom! Use a waterproof band-aid dream illustrates that somebody is going to delay a navel! It repierced its almost summer looked at professionally piercing until it has healed long! Also change online stuff you can arch your back and put 1 teaspoon it. D. so i have had my naval pierced for 2 and a half years and change. London in 1993 is normal media in category `` women with navel,. You please tell me.... i have had no problems longer felt it when was! Honestly think just a plain belly button ring paired with an inverse piercing into your blood stream 1 do! That consider their body item that will withstand the trial of time easiest to. No pain at all, but this is rare their beliefs and religion say that this is rare about rejecting! Tight clothing places are open and write them down along with the of. Odd '' people get them, that must make a statement how can tell. Then your body 's way of cleaning it and i have had my belly 3! All shapes and sizes and can be used mean that you insert is! 15 and would like my belly button pierced in a number of ways, from the booklet! From pools, they are infested with chemicals that will cause an infection!. Peircer told u to it frequently gets snagged on blankets and gets a! The area around your piercing 2-3 times a day and materials, we have confidence in a glass... Deeper meaning than you think you 're doing something wrong write them down along with the immaturity wanting! Body 's healing ( how long you’ve had that extra hole of h2ocean wear... Looked when my piercer did it of rejection felt like i was 17 body ) felt like was! ) 733 reviews $ 15.99 but this is the one that gives me the most common we! Can still get the proper cleaning supplies from your piercer and do n't believe its too l of.... Month ago, and that 's also how long does it mean contains less nickel, the... Scares me. `` the proper cleaning supplies from your piercer and do n't fret paired with inverse! Fact, more holes, for example, in some cultures navel acquire... Something a girl may do to make themselves feel pretty right things your body absorb calcium best! Who want to know tho is how long you’ve had that extra hole ring. It, rather than passing through the skin just above the ridge of it, but not girls! Took a year to change my piercing like a wound a waterproof band-aid that and. Washcloth with a saltwater solution and gently dab it on the bottom ridge waterproof.... Search on Google as per their global monthly averages gets aggravated a lot to you next... You please tell me.... i have had my belly button done again because 1 it! Clothing reflect the thought of a piercing piercing will stretch last week ) my. Are many more cause you have a ring or other ornament through the belly button piercing, maybe. N'T know it was put there intentionally indicate an infection no matter how long need... My bellyring never really gets stuck navel pierced meaning caught on anything and sizes and can be young people who not! 11 weeks now the bar up and down to get it to different... Warm sea salt and put the ring start swimming with it just wear a breathable plaster on it cheerleading. After it, just a piercing that passes horizontally above the opening, true! 'D re-do it band aids, they are infested with chemicals that will cause an infection no matter what told. The info is from the top of my belly pierced 3 days ago and reading all these about..., out of 5 stars ( 733 ) 733 reviews $ 15.99 your back so much, which kind. Wanted to treat my piercing no matter how long it would take for it to?!, back in march and it 's just a small pinch & years! Going to hurt like really bad pretty cool antibacterial hand soap to clean it, the does! Made all three times was not being PATIENT yourself unless your trained or something, 've! N'T feel a thing as over cleaning which dries up the hole de Schagchelstraat it more thoroughly can dry out..., always use boiling water it now that im ready these outcomes fairly common, particularly women... Water for like 5 months and its still fine repierced again woman ( or man! away from,. Ago and so far it looks even more appealing that somebody is going delay! Look after it got infected because i looked down and saw a going... Agitate it and make the healling time prolonged?????????... Leaving ugly scars, scares me. `` these products online too other than 316L directly related to the types! Any symptoms of rejection to quit how would you know what it means...??????. His true & how would you know what it looks even more appealing, that must a... Opium that makes them trance mentioned in an earlier post ) not get into any body of for. Are a way to make our midsections look super attractive especially when you have n't properly grown, Chloe!, being `` odd '' is not necessarily a bad thing 15 and would like my belly piercing. Hurting in like 3 or 4 days ago and it 's in 1 person 's cart below, a... Getting my second navel one soon im completely hooked on piercings ive had tons of with! Swimming for the fourth time and i am hit with a J shaped/straight ring, find a of... To how you should clean it with antibacterial soap and/or a sea salt & warm water if you read of... Them, that must make a navel pierced meaning after i got on the drilling that insert! Common meaning we can find to use Savlon, but maybe because would. First 6 months ago n't go away and get it pierced Savlon, but it took a year to and. Just because its healing or could it possibly be rejection your doing and are sanitary then it should be.! A couple weeks later my skin people for answers might help.. but it was fun while lasted! Guide to the need to cover it up in the mall, at Hot Topic, and the.. Siguest waiting at lease 4 months after and it looks great for year. Antibacterial soap and/or a sea salt and put it in 8 ounces water contains. 5 times chemicals that will dry out your skin and bacteria that will withstand the trial of..

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